When Vance Met Doug: How Two Enterprise Software Entrepreneurs Came Together for Nodally

Posted by Neha Palacherla /March 5, 2014 / FD Success Stories, Uncategorized

Vance Pan and Doug Squarebriggs are seasoned entrepreneurs who matched on FounderDating and are working together on Vancouver-based startup Nodally Technologies. Vance was a partner at DataCVG and Doug was a partner at Cam Technologies and Enterprise CodeWorks, as well as a founder of Ladner Creative. 

For Doug Squarebriggs, getting Nodally off the ground meant finding someone who was also passionate about the enterprise software space, and Vance Pan was that person. The two cofounders first met at the Vancouver FD kickoff event in November 2012. “Most everyone at the meeting was looking at social media and web only projects on the software side of things,” says Doug, but he’s glad that he ran into Vance, who has a background similar to his. Doug almost didn’t go that night because of a bad cold, but he decided to tough it out. Turned out it was a great decision.

Working Together

“We spoke the same language,” says Vance about meeting Doug at the kickoff event. Vance had been working in China, before he decided to move back to Vancouver to settle down and joined FounderDating to meet other entrepreneurs and share ideas about startups. He ran into Doug at a table discussing enterprise software and they spent the rest of the night trading ideas.Vance realized that Doug had a great technology and wanted to help him make a great company out of it.  “We didn’t move on to any of the other tables,” says Doug and they both laugh.

The two cofounders have a long history with startups. Doug was a partner at Cam Technologies and Enterprise CodeWorks, as well as a founder of Ladner Creative, while Vance was a partner at DataCVG. They both knew they needed quality cofounders to get a startup going, and that there’s a lot of hard work involved. After they met at the kickoff, Vance started to collaborate with Doug and seven months after they started working together, their technology moved into beta.

 Finding Success

Nodally recently launched an open source project on GitHub called Xenograte-xct. The Xenograte technology is an application platform that enables data to flow freely among software and/or machines so they can integrate easily and seamlessly. The cofounders acknowledge that there have been challenges along the way, as with every new company, but Doug says, “We have very different skill sets and that helps as we round each other out and complement each other.” In the end, it’s their drive to make a difference in the world of enterprise software that keeps them working towards developing and growing Nodally.

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