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Unlock Your City?


So what are the dates and deadlines?

We work in application rounds. They are consecutive – when one round closes, the next one opens so you can always apply to join FounderDating. Each round has a deadline to apply.  Once invited you’ll get online access to the ENTIRE network – across all cities! To things kick things off for each round we also hold an offline Kickoff (clever, we know).  It’s a way for new members to meet and get introduced to the FounderDating community and values.  But it’s just an introduction.  Online is where it’s at. Here are the deadlines to apply and kickoff dates for upcoming rounds:

  • Austin – June 19th (Apply by June 5th)
  • Boston - June 26th (Apply by June 17th)
  • Chicago – Coming Soon
  • Detroit – Ongoing
  • Las Vegas – May 8th (Apply by May 1st)
  • Los Angeles - June 4th (Apply by May 24th)
  • Montreal – July 2nd (Apply by June 25th)
  • New York - May 1st (Apply by April 23rd)
  • Norfolk - Ongoing
  • Portland - May 7th (Apply by April 30th)
  • Raleigh-Durham – Coming Soon
  • Salt Lake City - Ongoing
  • San Diego - June 26th (Apply by June 18th)
  • San Francisco – April 17th (Apply by April 8th)
  • Seattle – May 30th (Apply by May 20th)
  • Toronto – May 8th (Apply by April 29th) 
  • Vancouver - June 12th (Apply by June 3rd)
  • Washington, D.C. – April 30th (Apply by April 16th)



Where to Next?

Wishing there your city was part of the FounderDating Network? Now we’re letting you Unlock Your City – bring more entrepreneurship to your community.

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