FounderDating Success Story: GoalSponsors

Posted by Jessica Alter /May 15, 2013 / FD Success Stories, Reviews

David Murray and Brett Larkin are members of FounderDating. They met through FounderDating  and have started their own company – GoalSponsors, a coaching and monetizing platform for non-medical health practitioners.


David: It was kind of a cultural norm at Google that you’d “graduate” from Google to go run your own, successful startup. And being a product manager on GMail I often felt autonomy and it starts to give you the confidence that you can do it on your own.  Beyond that I also believe there are 3 facets to life 1) mood, 2) pleasure, 3) meaning in life. I felt like I had the first 2, but the meaning was lacking and entrepreneurship has been the way I’ve found meaning and purpose.

Brett: I was really interested in freedom and building something I truly care about.


David: I originally heard about FounderDating from Josh Merrill (a friend and fellow entrepreneur) who heard about it from Manu Kumar (K9 Ventures).  When I started I was doing everything by myself. And I quickly found that there are a lot of things stuff that a) I wasn’t good at and b) I didn’t enjoy doing. I not only wanted help with those things, but also I was lonely. I actually worked at an office and had other people around, but that’s not the same thing as working with people. But I didn’t  have anyone to share successes with or support me in the struggle (more importantly). When things don’t go well, you have no one to console with. Sure, you can call a friend or a loved one or something, but it’s not the same – they don’t the struggle and they aren’t as attached to it.

Brett: One of my mentors and a repeat entrepreneur, Larry Braitman, recommended it to me.  He knew it was essential to find the right cofounder.  It completely changed things for me.


David: At first I took it slow, but then I reached out to probably 15 people and met with about 5 for coffee just to start a conversation and see if there was even initial interest in even working together. I originally reached out to Brett because I saw on her FounderDating profile that she had a gaming background and was interested in wellness now. We started by skyping becuase we lived about 45 minutes apart.

Over time I realized that the small distance didn’t matter given that everything else – chemistry, complimentary skills, working styles – came together.

Brett: David emailed me over Christmas time and I got excited. We ended up skyping 2-3 days in a row.  We then met up for 4-5 hrs and were just talking. Nothing got built right away.  After that, we started to meet very regularly for 6-7 weeks.

He met my mentor and had to pass that “test.”

I was actually talking with someone else from FounderDating and we explored all working together. But David just didn’t gel with the third person. They had different motivations, styles, etc. That was actually helpful, because David’s reaction to the other person helped clarify for me what was important.  What was important – stage of life, methodology, personality, division of labor. ThingsI knew but was trying to see past because I saw that he had certain skills. I wanted the shoe to fit but the skills were not enough and it ultimately would not have worked.

David I and worked together for 6 -8 weeks before we drew up official paperwork


Brett: It’s been great working together because we were working on separate projects and after coming together we merged our projects conceptually but started building from scratch. There was definitely an evolution and learning.

GoalSponsors is a platform for health practitioners to privately coach and manage clients at scale. This includes lead gen, payments, scheduling and automation tools.  

It’s a coaching and monetizing platform for non-medical health practitioners. Right now, it enables mental health professionals, personal trainers, nutritionists, dietitians and more, to privately coach and manage virtual clients across  all their devices (phone calls, texts, email), instead of or in addition to in-person appointments.


Brett: The key metric we track is revenue and we’ve had 64% average monthly revenue growth and we have 700 practitioners have signed up. It’s been awesome to see.

We raised a small angel round from Larry Braitman and a few others (on track to raise more) and we’re working out First Floor Labs.


Brett: All health practitioners will be using the platform and it will allow them to scale their business and have a global/virtual practice. These are people who have amazing knowledge and expertise but aren’t good at marketing themselves. We can help them with that.

David: We want to disrupt the appointment model and make it easy to be in touch and always on so more people can get help.


David: Open every door that is available to you. Apply to programs you think you’d never get into, make cold calls to people you think would never listen to you.  Even the small percentage of things that pan out have accelerated our growth or spawned incredible introductions. Be honest about what you really need and want to be happy, even if it’s not what you think is popular. That is key in finding the right person to be your cofounder.

Brett: Get a cofounder and not just any cofounder, one who is right for you. The minute we found one another all these doors opened – not only did people want to fund us but accelerators were open to us. Of course there are obstacles, but it’s better to have one another. Beyond that, be authentic and be yourself. Don’t try to be something you’re not, your business is you and vice versa.