Cofounder Network FAQs

Can anyone apply?

Anyone can apply, but in order to make sure founders get the most out of the network we keep the network invite-only. Just fill out the application to request an invite.

So, is this a meetup?

Nope, not at all!  While we love and appreciate meetups, this isn’t one.  FounderDating is an online network of talented entrepreneurs looking for cofounders.  Every few months we invite new members to a New Member Kickoff event. We welcome them and introduce them to the community and introduce them to other awesome members. But that is an extra, online is where the community is able to interact and connect. Of course, members connect online to then connect offline.

Do I need an idea to apply?

DEFINITELY NOT! You just need to be committed to starting a side-project or company. We have a mix of people, some with and some without ideas. We know it’s much more about the people, than the ideas.  We always say, “ideas change, people (rarely) do.”

What is the mix of people in the Cofounder network?

We strive to maintain a balanced set of backgrounds and experiences. It’s about 50% engineering backgrounds and 50% business/product/design/other. Some members have ideas already and some people are just looking to be part of something awesome.

Can I invite other people to the network?

Sure, you can invite them to apply by vouching for them. Just be choosy – only invite them if they’re kick-ass and you would be proud to have your name on their profile as their voucher (referer).

Does it cost money?

There is no fee to apply.  There is a fee to join the Cofounder Network for those invited. We put a ton of effort into building a valuable community of vetted entrepreneurs (aka we hand screen everyone). Access to that network – online and offline – will help you get to the next step and thus costs a little bit.

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