Top 10 Tweetable Moments from FounderTalk panel: Designers in Entrepreneurship

Posted by Neha Palacherla /August 20, 2013 / Uncategorized

Last Tuesday, FounderDating and Turnstone hosted the first panel in their Designers in Entrepreneurship series at Founders Den. We had designer-entrepreneur all stars Jeffrey Kalmikoff, Alexa Andrzejewski, Josh Brewer and Jason Putorti talking about what makes designers good entrepreneurs and why there aren’t more designers starting their own companies.

Here are some of the top ten (tweetable) moments:

10. Best quote of the night: “If startups are war, agencies are basic training.” -@jeffrey

9. The similarity between engineers and designers: “Designers are problem-solvers, just like engineers are.” -@putorti

8. Having a designer culture:  “Build relationships with other areas of the company…include them in the way you work.” -@jbrewer

7. Think about the little things: “Get a good lawyer!” -@ladylexy

6. How to start a company: “Designers need to be able to meet people with other skills to build companies.” -@ladylexy

5. Before diving in: “Immerse yourself in understanding what this (a startup) is.” -@jbrewer

4. Why there aren’t more designers in entrepreneurship: “Designers are more sensitive to failure.” -@jeffrey

3. Best question from the audience: When starting a company, should we think about what would make the user’s experience better, or how much money it can make?

2. On the lack of design investors: “Can you point to a designer VC?” -@jbrewer

1. How entrepreneurship begins: “It was something I couldn’t ignore. I was passionate about this space.” -@putorti

The packed audience had more questions than our designer-entrepreneurs had time to answer, but luckily they got to spend some time mingling with the panelists after the discussion was over. We had a great time and learned a lot about the world of designer-entrepreneurs!

In case you missed the event and are interested in hearing the whole thing, here’s a video.


If you want to read more about designers in entrepreneurship, check out FounderDating CEO Jessica Alter’s article on WIRED!  

Let us know what you think—why aren’t there more designers in entrepreneurship?