Dear 16-year-old me…

Posted by Jessica Alter /September 17, 2014 / Advisors, Cofounder Advice, Entrepreneurial Advice, FounderTalk, Hot Topics, How To

“If I only knew then, what I know now…” is a commonly heard from  entrepreneurs.  It’s not about regret at all, it’s just about learning.  So we asked FD members and notable entrepreneurs, “if you could meet your sixteen year-old self, what would you tell them?” Here’s what they revealed:

  1. “Stop worrying. Go for it.” – Scott Lewallen (Cofounder, Grindr)
  2. “When you get to college, spend less time worrying about grades or girls. Grow your network instead.” – Hadi Partovi (President, Code)
  3. “Learn to code.” – John Battelle (Founder, sovrn Holdings, Federated Media, NewCo)
  4. “Spend a little more time learning from those with more experience — it’s a faster way to mastery.” – Dan Yates (Founder & CEO, Opower)
  5. “Friends make strange employees” – Joshua Forman (cofounder, Inkling)
  6. “Think even bigger.” – Philip Rosedale (Founder, High Fidelity)
  7. “Believe in things for as long as you possibly can. Without a cause, there’s no passion, energy, or excitement.” – Scott J. Kleper (Cofounder, Context Optional)
  8. “Get started sooner, like NOW!” – Jason Nazar (CEO & cofounder, Docstoc)
  9. “Try new things more aggressively.” – Hooman Radfar (Founder, 10e9 & Addthis)
  10. “Struggle is good for you. Don’t fight it, welcome it. Learn from it. Come out of it stronger and more formidable.” – Mick Hagen (Founder, Zinch)
  11. “Take risks much much earlier on, you’re more buoyant.” – Jessica Alter (Founder & CEO, FounderDating)

Share with us here what you would tell your 16-year-old self?