• July 23, 2014

As entrepreneurs, we’re often caught in a bind trying to prioritize between our personal health and the needs of companies that would fall apart without us and visions we’re deeply devoted to. When in a work crunch, it’s hard to justify taking time for oneself. But if we continue to push ourselves to the bottom of our own to-do list,...

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  • July 01, 2014

Thousands of academic hours per year are spent worldwide on discussing how come Yahoo did not build Google, Nokia did not invent the iPhone, how come Facebook did not build Whatsapp or Instagram and had to overpay $20B for the two assets. We heard the same question of “why wouldn’t Google or Gettyimages develop your image processing platform at PicScout...

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  • June 19, 2014

Standard interview questions are generally boring and don’t always reveal very much about the person you’re interviewing. When you’re talking to a candidate, you want to ask great questions—they’re more likely to engage and you're more likely to learn important information. So, we asked entrepreneurs in the community for the best questions that they thought were not only interesting and...

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  • June 11, 2014
Who's in Charge

In the early days of starting Flurry, my co-founders and I made all of our decisions by consensus. It wasn’t hard, since we had similar opinions and were spending all of our time in development which we knew very well. The camaraderie of working together late nights and building something new fueled the excitement we had about our new path...

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  • June 04, 2014

For a while, one of the most popular questions on FD:Discuss was “What questions should I ask potential cofounders?” We penned a list and we’re told it’s been quite helpful. But since FounderDating now also connects entrepreneurs and advisors, a more popular question is, “What should I ask potential advisors?” So, without further ado, we made a new list....

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