• April 09, 2015

Being an entrepreneur is overwhelming. The body of knowledge you’re missing is vast. You can’t ever make up for all of it, so you figure it out as you go. You make mistakes and try to correct quickly. Advisors are an amazing way to close that gap with people who have experiential knowledge. A year ago we launched FD:Advisors...

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  • December 03, 2014

Thirteen months ago we published the first list that examined just how entrepreneurial the alumni networks of different companies actually are. It spawned questions, excitement and conversation. Everyone assumed the list would just be the usual suspects (e.g. Google, Facebook). But this year the list includes a fast-growing “startup”, a classic design company and an 87 year-old media company...

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  • November 05, 2014
Biz vs. Design rank

Last week we revealed the most popular verticals to start companies in and how they’ve changed over the last year. This week we took this one step further and examined vertical interest by primary skill set - business, engineering and design. With all the talk of “how to find a tech cofounder” or how to find a cofounder in...

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  • July 16, 2014
Top Entrepreneurial Schools Collage

A little over six months ago we published a list of the most entrepreneurial company alumni networks and ever since it’s prompted questions around other rankings, in particular, universities/colleges, that are producing entrepreneurially minded graduates. This isn’t a list of the schools that have the most people on LinkedIn with “entrepreneur” in their title or other backward looking metrics. Rather,...

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