• December 16, 2015
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"There are two big pricing mistakes we see all of the time: Not pricing on value. I understand that’s kind of an amorphous statement, because what is value? But more often than not, what we see, even in a software space, is people pricing based on costs or competitors rather than customers. At the end of the day, quite literally,...

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  • March 26, 2015

"There was a 3-month period where we met with over 40 VCs and everyone said ‘no.’ We were still pretty confident that there was an opportunity in the marketplace. I had been watching Kickstarter fairly closely, saw a number of game developers were successful, then Pebble watch was very successful. We realized that if we were going to make...

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  • March 19, 2015

To date we’ve have two successful projects on Kickstarter generating over $1.3M for Nomiku. We’ve used it to build our little maker hobby into a 7 figure generating corporation. But make no mistake, it was not easy and was a ton of work. There are a lot of misconceptions and common mistakes around crowdfunding. Here’s what we’ve learned 2 campaigns...

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