• August 12, 2015

Lukas Biewald might just be the Steve Jobs of data. After being fired by his own board in 2012, he decided to come back to CrowdFlower in 2013 to help pull the company back out of an unsuccessful slump. Since Biewald’s return, he's taken it upon himself to create more effective communication across the entire company. And now, CrowdFlower is...

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  • August 05, 2015

"I grew up off the grid - with kerosene lamps and a well. I had a pretty remote childhood and my parents get a giggle out of thinking about me playing with kerosene lamps as a kid and now running a tech company. One of the things about me growing up was that lights and the magic of electricity always...

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  • July 15, 2015

Mike Volpe is a marketing and sales expert. He was one of the first 5 employees to join Hubspot in 2007, and has been a driving force behind the company’s fantastic work bringing marketing and sales together to delight companies and clients. Mike talked with us this week about running a SaaS company and marketing that engages users based on...

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  • July 08, 2015

Josh Elman is a product expert. His rap sheet includes companies like LinkedIn and Twitter, before he moving into venture capital. Josh is currently using his vast product and startup experience at Greylock, investing in new consumer products and services. As a PM-turned-VC, he knows better than anyone what to look for in a successful product. We asked Josh about...

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  • June 25, 2015

Ask any entrepreneur and they will tell you they’ve made a lot of mistakes (and the ones that don’t are lying). But the key to success is learning from these mistakes so you don’t make them again and of course, getting right back up. We asked several successful entrepreneurs from places like Hotel Tonight, Docstoc, Opower and Opsmatic to share...

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