• January 14, 2016
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"So, why aren't the current crowdfunding platforms right for games?" "There are a few reasons: 1. They’re award-based. And because of that, they’re just platforms that help a creator organize their own communities in a very generic way (across some 30 different verticals). They’re trying to be all things to all people. 2. There is a lack of trust. Largely because...

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  • October 07, 2015
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"I think the evolution of crowdfunding will be similar to the evolution of social media and social networking. Back in 2000, people would call any one-off thing like Myspace or Facebook 'social networking' or 'social media,' but by the end of the decade it was just called “communication” and was layered into the way communication was done. Similarly, when...

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  • February 04, 2015
Form Circle - FD Success Story

Bob Graham and Chris Greenwood are both co-founders of Form Circle, the most innovative way to organize your forms and applications. The company was incorporated in January 11th, 2015. Though it is still pretty new in the market, it is already in its Beta stage with well over 100 users. "Do not try to build everything right away" - Chris Greenwood...

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  • January 14, 2015
cross legg

Shaan Bhanji and Konstantin Filatov are the co-founders of FlyEasy Corp, the most innovative and accurate empty leg and aircraft quoting software available in the aviation world. The company was incorporated in June 2014, not long after meeting each other through FounderDating. Both talented and in great jobs, they felt like something was missing. Here's how they came together and...

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  • October 02, 2014

Ofir Almagor and David Mazvovsky are the co-founders of PicSell an online service that makes selling your unwanted stuff as easy as taking a picture. The company was founded almost a year ago, after they met through FounderDating. After 10 years in the business and finance field Ofir was looking for a technical partner to start his own tech company;...

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