• June 03, 2015
threesixtyfive | day 244

2. The Perpetual MVP. Engineers don’t want to continuously work on code that stays alive but never graduates into an actual product - that means nothing is really getting implemented. “If an MVP works, the idea is to develop it further into a solid product, not to move on to another MVP. If it doesn’t, you shouldn’t keep maintaining it,...

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  • January 28, 2015

For almost the last decade I’ve worked in and with tech companies where coding tests have been an accepted part of the interview process for engineers. Even a solid collection of references and a great portfolio was never enough to ensure you’re hiring right person. But a recent debate broke out on FD:Discuss about what kinds of coding tests are...

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  • January 22, 2015

There’s a lot of talk of late about being in the age of design and we certainly support and encourage more designer entrepreneurs. But there is great debate about whether or not designers should be adept at coding. Given the interaction between front end and back end, should you only work with designers who can write code? How much is...

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  • November 05, 2014
Biz vs. Design rank

Last week we revealed the most popular verticals to start companies in and how they’ve changed over the last year. This week we took this one step further and examined vertical interest by primary skill set - business, engineering and design. With all the talk of “how to find a tech cofounder” or how to find a cofounder in...

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