• August 20, 2014
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"Most equity splits today are more art than science with people relying on many well-meaning (and often intelligent and experienced) advisors whose formulas weigh inputs based on ideas, experience, skills, relationships and time commitment. These are all important factors and should be taken into account in your allocation framework. However, the most common missing ingredient is the dynamic feature that...

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  • August 13, 2014

"Problem was, the whole idea of comparing myself to some adjacent company was ridiculous..." -Dave Hersh, a current Board Partner at Andreessen Horowitz...

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  • August 06, 2014

At FounderDating, we certainly think that entrepreneurs are inspiring people with big ideas. But what inspiring, big ideas are behind the entrepreneurs, and who is inspiring them. Are entrepreneurs inspired by other entrepreneurs, world leaders, athletes, writers, or ancient philosophers? Quotes are people’s brief statements (or sometimes, not-so-brief statements) that encapsulate their big, inspiring ideas. We...

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  • August 05, 2014

Alex Littlewood and Shawn Morgan are FounderDating members who successfully matched and founded Motoroso together because they are passionate about cars. Previously, Alex was at Wildfire, which was acquired by Google. Shawn had founded beFitr on his own after 8 years as a technology consultant for enterprise companies like Blue Arch Solutions. He is also an instructor at DevelopMentor,...

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  • July 30, 2014
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"My first real job out of college was as the first non-founding engineer at POPSUGAR, which was called "Sugar, Inc." at the time. It wasn't until years later that I understood how lucky I was that my "introduction" to Silicon Valley was as an early employee at a quickly-growing startup with an amazing founding team. The biggest reason was that...

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