FounderDating is a network of talented entrepreneurs helping one another start and grow companies. All too often you know people with similar backgrounds and skills sets to your own.  With FounderDating you find world-class people with complimentary skill-sets, expert areas and knowledge.

Entrepreneur Network
Cofounder Network
Advisor Network

  • Connect with like-minded, high quality entrepreneurs
  • Advice on, & answers to entrepreneurial problems
  • Access to world-class advisors

  • High caliber – every applicant is hand screened (34% acceptance rate)
  • 50% Engineers
  • Global reach – online access to members across the world
  • Invite-only kickoff events*
    *In select cities

  • Advise top notch entrepreneurs & companies
  • Connect with like-minded, high quality entrepreneurs
  • No time commitment (you decide how much time you spend)
Who is an Entrepreneur?


  • Current founders & CEOs (serial & first-time)
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who genuinely want to work on something
Who is a Cofounder?


  • You’re ready to start a side project
  • You have a current / project / company / idea but no partner
  • You don’t have an idea but you want to start something
Who is an Advisor?


  • You want to help talented entrepreneurs based on knowledge & experience
  • You know it’s for equity (not cash)


Cofounder Network Membership Fees

We take the time to hand review  each and every application that is submitted for the Cofounder Network and invite a select group with balance of skill sets (50% engineers). We’ve build a community of impressive entrepreneurs ready to start their next side-project or company.  Finding that right person is invaluable, and for a nominal fee you get: access to the network – both online and offline at our new member kickoff and member group discussions.

How It All Started…

Like so many good ideas, FounderDating was born out of a cup of coffee (or maybe it was diet coke) and personal frustration.  We have met countless uber talented people who want to become entrepreneurs but haven’t yet found the right co-founder(s)/team or idea to work on.  We believe team and finding the right fit is of the utmost importance and we don’t want to see anyone walk away from entrepreneurship because they don’t have the right partner.  So, we started FounderDating to help introduce smart, dedicated and inspired people, start making matches and lower the hurdles to company creation.


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