5 Holiday Gifts Every Entrepreneur Can Afford to Give Their Team

Posted by Guest Author /December 4, 2013 / Entrepreneurial Advice, Hot Topics

It’s hard to feel #likeaboss this time a year when competing with Mr. Claus and Thanksgivukkah. How do you reward employees for their hard work on a startup budget? If you want to make your team feel appreciated this holiday season, look no further. Here are five awesome and affordable gift ideas that will ensure you get the ‘Worlds Best Boss’ mug under your tree.

1. Group Volunteer Day

Many non-profit organizations need help over the holidays. And let’s face it, at the end of a long year your team has earned a day away from the 27″ monitors. Ask your employees which philanthropic causes really matter to them and spend a day volunteering together. This is a win-win-win for a few reasons:

  • The people you hire will appreciate your interest in their causes and getting to know them better. Plus, team bonding is uber agile.
  • Supporting your local community is hugely important, and who knows, your company might even be recognized for it.  
  • This activity does not contribute to carpal tunnel syndrome.
This is inspired by Atlassian - they do this all year round!
2. Premium Music Subscriptions
How can your developers focus when obnoxious ads are constantly interrupting their ‘Wham! Christmas Hits’ online radio station? Increasing office productivity costs under $100 with Spotify Premium or Pandora One. With collaborative playlists you can give in to your seasonal guilty pleasures and blame it on the person next to you.
3. Exclusive Company Swag
There’s really nothing better than an ultra comfy set of noise canceling headphones. Am I right? These days you can get a great pair for a reasonable price. If you have enough time or cash, get your company logo printed on the ear buds. Your employees are the people who represent your brand proudly and thus deserve the most exclusive swag. Extra brownie points if they are delivered in 30 minutes by a drone.
4. Endless Caffeine Drip
A three-dollar-a-day caffeine habit can really set your finances back, especially at the rate hipsters are driving up no-foam-cappuccino prices. Investing in an office espresso machine will restore the sanity of your team. 
Bonus: You’re more connected than you realize. Ask your team for a wish list of a few influencers they would love to have coffee with and organize it for them.  You shouldn’t be the only one meeting cool people.
5. Chromecast
You’ll need one for the office’s highly anticipated Game of Thrones season premiere party. The only question is: will it be delivered by a dragon or a drone?
And finally, don’t be a grinch and schedule huge release dates on people’s vacation. Happy gifting!