• June 27, 2012

This FounderDating Guest Post was written by Elad Gil (founder of MixerLabs) in 2010. It was the first post in our FounderDating Blog: Founder Talk – the Real Story Series and it’s a classic so we’re reposting it.  Startups are, by their nature, extremely stressful. At a large company, the company itself has momentum. With a […]...

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  • June 19, 2012

Tom Leung and Ian Shafer are entrepreneurs, FounderDating members, and now co-founders of Yabbly (Imported from Seattle). Tom is the CEO and Ian is the Founding Principal Engineer. Yabbly is a mobile app that enables users to get instant input on quick decisions. WHEN DID YOU GET INTO STARTUPS? Tom: The first one was back in ‘99. […]...

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