The 14 People That Entrepreneurs Would Love to Go to Dinner With

Posted by Keegan Beljanski /August 27, 2014 / Advisors, Entrepreneurial Advice, FounderTalk, Hot Topics

At FounderDating we know there is real power in connecting people with different backgrounds and skill sets, whether that’s to to find advisors, cofounders or just learn from fellow entrepreneurs. So, we asked members and successful entrepreneurs- if you could have dinner with one person dead or alive who would it be? Spoiler alert: yes, Steve made the list, but the other ideal dinner dates range from dead presidents to rockstars. Here’s who 14 entrepreneurs would call their ideal dinner dates. Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 7.19.22 PM

  1. Louis C. K. How fun would that be?”  -Dan Yates (Founder & CEO, Opower)
  2. Richard Feynman. Guy knew almost everything.”  -Philip Rosedale (Founder, High Fidelity)
  3. My biological father (no idea who he is).” -John Battelle (Founder, sovrn Holdings, Federated MediaNewCo )
  4. Trent Reznor. He’s a genius. I’m blown away by his ability to create, influence, and reconstruct himself and his art. Absolutely inspiring.” -Scott Lewallen, (Cofounder, grindr)
  5. “Alive: any US President ; Deceased: Benjamin Franklin, the founding fathers, Steve Jobs.” -Jason Nazar (CEO & cofounder, Docstoc)
  6. Gandhi – to ask him to write a blueprint for peace  in the Middle East” -Hadi Partovi (President, Code)
  7. My mom – she passed away when I was 14 and I’d love her thoughts and advice now. -Jessica Alter (CEO & Founder, FounderDating)
  8. Einstein, MLK, or Bieber.”  -Joe Greenstein (CEO & Cofounder, Flixster)
  9. Steve Jobs.  Apple established the foundation for modern platforms.  I’d love to hear his story and vision for the future.”  -Hooman Radfar (Founder,  10e9 & Addthis)
  10. My grandfather, who died when I was twelve. He was the first entrepreneur I knew.” -Jay Adelson (Founder, Opsmatic)
  11. Abraham Lincoln.  He represents an amazing combination of leadership and history.” -Joshua Forman (Cofounder, Inkling)
  12. Bill Gates (and Melinda). The work they are doing at their foundation is incredibly inspiring and I would love to hear more about some of the big things on their roadmap and how more of us can get involved.”  -Mick Hagen (Cofounder, Zinch)
  13. “I’ve been incredibly lucky to have dinner with Elon Musk, but if I could go out to dinner with any person dead or alive, I would go out to dinner with Elon Musk.  Again. That is how awed I am by what he’s done.”  -Jared Friedman (Cofounder, Scribd)
  14. My father. He died at the beginning of my entrepreneurial career and didn’t really understand it. I think he’d understand it all much better now that I’m so much further along, and I’d love the opportunity to talk to him about it one more time. -Brenden Mulligan (Cofounder, Cluster

If you could pick anyone to go to dinner with dead or alive who would it be? Tell us in comments below