The 10 Can’t Miss Hardware and Wearable Device Events At #SxSW

Posted by Guest Author /March 7, 2014 / Hot Topics, Uncategorized

This is a guest post by FounderDating Hardware MD Aren Kaser. He is CEO/Cofounder of Igor Institute, as well as an adjunct professor at Seattle University. 

The 2014 SXSW Interactive Festival and Create Events and Exhibitions are upon us. This year, talks, workshops, and events around internet of things devices, the future of wearables, new prototyping technologies, product design and engineering, and health related hardware will take center stage. But the chaos of SXSW can be overwhelming, and with all that’s happening, how do you choose what to do and where to go? Here’s my list of what you definitely shouldn’t miss if you’re into hardware.  To see the entire selection of hardware offerings at SXSW visit my daily interactive schedule here.

1. The Future of Biometrics

Saturday 3/8 - 9:30AM – 60 minutes – Hyatt Regency Austin – Texas Ballroom 1-4

This talk is a must for those interested in how the sensor driven future will be used for security and personal identity along with the biometric tracking we are becoming accustomed to today. 

2. SXSW Accelerator: Wearable Technologies

Saturday 3/8  - 11:00AM and 12:30 PM – 60 minutes – Hilton Austin Downtown – Salon D

Check out what these fascinating wearable folks are doing: Bionym,  Kiwi Wearable Technologies, Pauline van Dongen, and Skully Helmets.

3. Wearable Computing: Now, Near & Next Generation

Saturday 3/8  - 5:00PM – 60 minutes – Hyatt Regency Austin – Texas Ballroom 1-4

Great panel of folks getting into the discussion around integrated wearable technology and how its incorporation into our everyday lives depends on more than just the data and experiences it provides.

4. Hardware Isn’t Hard, It’s Complicated

Sunday 3/9 - 11:00 AM – 150 minutes – AT&T Conference Center – Classroom 202

A workshop for the hardware entrepreneur who has never taken a product to market, or even the seasoned product manager who wants a refresh on bringing devices from ideation to production.

5. Biohacking: Personal Tech’s Possible Future

Sunday 3/9 - 3:45PM – 4:00PM – Austin Convention Center – Ballroom F

Human hacking? Transhumanism? This is a must see talk for anyone interested in where the intersection of technology and human ability will take hardware design.

6. Wearables & Beyond With Shaq

Sunday 3/9  - 5:00PM – 60 minutes – Austin Convention Center – Exhibit Hall 5

If the 15-time all-star and 4-time NBA champion wants to talk about how he is going to dominate wearable technology, I’d go listen.

7. The Intangible (& Uncalculated) Cost of Asia

Monday 3/10 - 12:30pm – 60 minutes – Austin Convention Center – Room 6AB

Manufacturing in Asia gets a lot of attention but its not always the best choice for every hardware company. This is a helpful talk for anyone considering their manufacturing options.

8. From Dream to Reality: Building a Wearable Concept

Monday 3/10 - 3:30PM – 60 minutes – Hyatt Regency Austin – Texas Ballroom 5-7

Jennifer Darmour, a pioneer in design and wearables giving a talk about developing marketable and beautifully designed technology.


9. Beyond 3D Printing: The 3rd Industrial Revolution

Monday 3/10 - 9:30AM – 60 minutes – Austin Convention Center -Ballroom A

If you want to learn more about 3D printing and its future this is the talk to check out from the handful at SXSW this year.

10. Come and Capture: Smart Glasses: The Future of Wearables & Content

Monday 3/10 - 12:30PM – 60 minutes – Austin Convention Center – Room 13AB

And, of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without some platform discussions around smart glasses and the generation and consumption of wearable content.

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