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  • "I recommend FounderDating to all my friends who want to start companies. I've met quality entrepreneurs, made some great friends in the industry, and now started a company with one of those friends."
    Cyrus Karbassiyoon
    Cofounder, CycleIO
    Engineer, SocialShield
  • "It's amazing to have a site where you can go and connect with other people that you know are high quality and ready to start something."
    Ian Shafer
    Cofounder, Yabbly
    Engineer, Amazon
  • "The FounderDating network itself will help you refine your ideas and thinking."
    Bhavin Shah
    Cofounder, Refresh
    Gazillion // Stanford

Why FounderDating?

Why join FounderDating

High Caliber

Members are carefully screened to ensure high quality. The network includes founders and early employees from: Zynga, Stackmob, Google, Gilt & Box just to name a few.

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Engineering, design, business development, members span a variety of key skill sets but our community is made up of 50% engineers.


Broad Reach

FounderDating is an online platform that allows you to communicate and connect with amazingly talented entrepreneurs and advisors in your city and beyond.

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Who is a member

Member identities are only visible to other members, but here are a few real examples.
Product Marketing

Interaction Designer
VP Engineering

Computer Science
Warning : Founders may be even more awesome than they appear.

How it works

1. You Apply

Talented professionals ready to start something and/or find advisors.


2. We Screen

Applicants are carefully screened to maintain quality and balance by skill set (50% engineers).


3. You Connect

Members connect with other talented entrepreneurs and advisors online.


Where is the network

Deadlines and dates

Calendar Clock

Several times a year, we also hold offline Kickoffs (in select cities) for the Cofounder Network. It’s a way for new members to meet and get introduced to the FounderDating community and values. There are deadlines by which to apply in order to be included in an upcoming Kickoff.

Remember Kickoffs are just an introduction, online is where it’s at. Find your city for the dates and deadlines.

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